Contribution of Dr. Wu Yee-sun to the Art of Penjing

Dr. Wu Yee-sun, founder of the Wing Lung Bank Limited, is a Penjing enthusiast. He developed an interest in Penjing through instruction by his father and grandfather in the art of growing dwarfed trees. Dr. Wu's Penjing belongs to the Lingnan School established by his grandfather. The cultivation of potted trees through this "Grow and Clip" method requires great patience, dedication, careful attention to detail, and a lighter, more natural approach to the caring of these plants.

Dr. Wu's contribution to the art of Penjing is not only in perfecting the techniques and principles of growing Penjing, but also in promoting a wider understanding of this traditional Chinese heritage to the world. In 1969, Dr. Wu wrote a book entitled Man Lung Artistic Pot Plants and gave copies of the book freely to leading libraries, universities, Penjing clubs and societies, as well as to lovers of the art throughout the world. Because of his great contribution towards the art of Penjing, Dr. Wu is acclaimed internationally as 'Pen Sheng' (the Sage in the art of Penjing) and in 1998, the Purple Mountain Observatory of Academia Sinica in China named a minor planet (number: 3570) in honour of him.

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