Classifications of Penjing
There are two categories of Penjing:
a) Potted Stump Landscape and
b) Potted Rockery Landscape

"Potted Stump Landscape" ("Shumu Penjing")
This kind of Penjing looks like miniatures of real trees. Trees are the main material and the dominant element in the composition. They are collected from the fields or are cultivated indoors. The Penjing captures the shape and style of weather-beaten old trees with their coiled roots and gnarled limbs.

"Potted Rockery Landscape" ("Shan Shui Penjing")
This type of Penjing mimics the scenery of a mountain. In pots, with water, rocks are arranged as peaks, ranges or valleys of a mountain. Trees are not the most important part of the Penjing and play a minor role in the overall composition.







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