Penjing (Artistic Pot Plants)
The art of "Penjing" or "Artistic Pot Plants" in China dates back some 1,700 years to the Jin and the Tang Dynasties. From then on it increased in popularity and flourished during the Ming and the Ching Dynasties.

Artistic pot plants comprise high mountains and aged woods, wide expanses of wilderness with green forests and gurgling streams, contained in the limited space of shallow earthenware vessels. The creation of all this requires a highly imaginative mind backed by good plant knowledge and experience in training these plants. The cultivation of pot plants depends firstly on the qualities of the plants and secondly on artificial dwarfing. Nature endows each species of a plant with special qualities as regards its flowers, foliage, branches and fruit. The trainer must be able to grasp the unique qualities of each species and, in the process of dwarfing, retain the good points of the plants and discard the bad ones. This is the art of artificially dwarfing trees into what are known as artistic pot plants.

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