Academic Community Hall

The opening of the Academic Community Hall marked a special chapter in the University's overall development. Originally, the first President and founder of the University, Dr. Lam Chi-fung, conceived the idea of building a hall for University functions. In 1970, on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary, Dr. and Mrs. Lam donated half a million dollars towards the construction of the auditorium. A prominent local architect, Eric Cumine, took charge of the project. However, Dr. Lam passed away the following year before the project got underway.

The Board of Governors decided to honour Dr. Lam by expanding the planned auditorium into a much larger scale project --- the development of the Lam Chi-fung Memorial Building. As a part of the project, the Academic Community Hall would serve as a cultural centre for the University and its surrounding community, thus providing a direct link between town and gown. At present, the Lam Chi-fung Memorial Building consists of an auditorium, a lobby, a snack bar, a VIP room and some display areas. The Hall's seating capacity is 1,346.

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